11. January 2024

GletscherEis photo shoot

We are often asked how to make a Tyrolean fire ritual. Which glasses do you use and how much liqueur should you put in the glass? What should it look like? How long should it burn? And which liqueurs actually work for it?

Then we always talk about what is important to make the whole thing what it should be: fun and something special to celebrate with friends.

"Do you have any advertising material or photos?" is usually the next question. Hmm...no, unfortunately we don't. We are a relatively small Tyrolean distillery, a family business. We produce our fire liqueurs exclusively in Tyrol and sell them in our own online shop and in Tyrolean grocery stores. We don't really have a budget for glossy brochures. Nevertheless, we met up with a photographer last week and did a little fire liqueur shoot.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Since we have a little news to present, we visited a fantastic Tyrolean photographera few days ago. A picture is worth a thousand words. Come with us and take a look behind the scenes of a relaxed photo shoot with burning glasses and colourful bottles of fire liqueur.

The Tyrolean fire ritual

The Tyrolean fire ritual is an absolute highlight for any celebration with friends. Whether you've already tried it out during your holiday in Tyrol or it's your first time - you'll definitely make an impression with a Tyrolean fire ritual.

You need:

  • Fireproof glasses
  • Your favourite fire liqueur
  • A lighter or matches

It's that simple

Fill the glasses to the brim with the liqueur and light the liqueur on fire. The strength of the fire liqueur changes depending on how long you leave the flame burning:

  • 3 minutes fire in the glass results in an abv. of 45%
  • 5 minutes fire in the glass results in an abv. of 42%
  • 10 minute of fire in the glass results in an abv. of 33%

Now carefully blow out the fire. Stir the liqueur with a small spoon and leave the glasses to cool briefly. Then clink glasses and enjoy.

By the way, we are always happy to receive photos of the fire ritual - just share them on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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