31. March 2023

Cocktail "Snowball fight"

We have tried cocktail recipes. Here comes the first. It's meant to prolong the winter a little longer. We dedicate it to all those who can't get enough of the slopes, snow, skiing and a little partying with friends.

So here comes a very special cocktail for your next party! With our recipe "Snowball Fight" you have a delicious drink that everyone will enjoy. Get the ingredients now and make your next party extra special!

For 4 shots you need:

6 cl GletscherEis Fire Liqueur
3 cl Elderflower syrup
2 cl Zitronensaft
2 tsp. soy lecithin powder
Ice cubes
4 cl lukewarm water, a larger drinking glass


Pour the soy lecithin powder (from the drugstore) with the water and 2cl elderflower syrup into the drinking glass and let it steep.

Fill the shaker with ice cubes and add the glacier ice, the remaining elderflower syrup and the lemon juice.

Shake the mixture vigorously and divide among 4 glasses.

Foam the soy lecithin mixture with the mixer and spoon it over the cocktails as "snow". Enjoy!

Have fun trying it out

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