The original from the Tyrol: icy & tasty!
The classic among fire liqueurs. Made with extracts of high mountain herbs and bitter oranges, GletscherEis (German for glacial ice) tastes wonderful, stimulates and burns in the glass! Alcoholic volume: 50%
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GletscherEis® Feuerlikör

Awarded the Gold Medal at the ISW Meininger's International Spirits Award 2023

The GletscherEis (German for glacial ice) fire liqueur from the Baumann distillery has been a real Tyrolean classic among spirits for a long time. Made with extracts from high mountain herbs and bitter oranges, it is stimulating and invigorating for the senses. The delicious GletscherEis burns in the glass!

Now FREE with every 0.5 l and 0.7 l bottle: a fireproof jigger worth €2.90

GletscherEis® is a registered trademark for the Brennerei Baumann.


GletscherEis Fire Ritual

Try an original Tyrolean fire ritual – you guests will be delighted! This is how it works: fill fireproof schnapps glasses full to the brim with GletscherEis fire liqueur and light with a match.

How to determine the strength – original alcohol by volume: 50%

  • 3 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 45%
  • 5 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 42%
  • 10 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 33%

Blow out the flame, let the glass cool down and … eternal ice will rock you, pleasantly! It is best to stir the liqueur with a small spoon and let the glasses cool down briefly.

Safety notice
Dealing with fire requires caution. Use fireproof glasses, never start the fire on combustible surfaces and blow out the fire carefully - alternatively the flame can be smothered with a larger glass. As always, our principle also applies here: To the enjoyment, but never in excess. 

F for Fire Liqueur

The fire liqueurs are absolute Tyrolean spirit classics. They are exclusively made at the Baumann distillery. These liqueurs with a high alcohol volume have interesting flavours. They are great for flambéing. The traditional Tyrolean fire ritual is celebrated with fireproof schnapps glasses. The fascinating ice crystals in the bottles are created in the special way of producing the liqueurs and are a well-kept secret of the Kräuterdestillerie.

Worthwhile Information about Glaciers in the Tyrol

Five Tyrolean glaciers, which cover approx. 3% of the area of the Tyrol, are within only 150km: Feichten / Kaunertal (Tyrol’s youngest glacier), St. Leonhard / Pitztal (Tyrol’s highest glacier), Sölden / Ötztal (The Rettenbachferner glacier has been venue of the Alpine Ski World Cup regularly since 1993), Neustift / Stubaital (Austria's largest glacier ski area) and Hintertux / Zillertal (Austria’s only all-year skiing area). Since the construction of the first glacier cable cars in the 1970ies, these “High 5” have offered an incomparable mixture of eternal ice and spontaneous fun in the snow for skiers and snowboarders, sun worshippers, people who love a great view, hikers and ice climbers.

Germany’s most famous glacier by the way is the Northern Schneeferner at approx. 2,800m on the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain (2,962m), which is located at the border between the Tyrol and Bavaria. Blaueis, Höllentalferner and Watzmanngletscher are other “eternal ice fields” in Germany.

Mix your favorite drink or try one of our favorites for the perfect Tyrolean spirit.
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"Schneeballschlacht" cocktail recipe
"Fiery ice" cocktail recipe
"Ice avalanche" cocktail recipe
"Eiskraxler" cocktail recipe
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